Digital Marketing

International Disabled Entrepreneurs, Inc offers a state of the art digital marketing service that promotes and demands a multi-channel approach that makes it easy to use, service offerings.

We offer a full host of digital marketing services from content marketing and technical SEO through to social media management. We have a team of experts with access to all the necessary to run a digital marketing service, with a particular emphasis on Web Development, SEO and Content Marketing. We are passionate about all the tools available to run a successful online business.

We love analysing and measuring campaigns using every analytics tool we can get our hands on. So what we do is deliver successful campaigns day in day out in an enthusiastic, driven and entirely transparent way. The work we do is communicated back to the client at every step. The idea is that we become a member of your team so you can count on us for weekly feedback and fulfillment of the digital marketing role your company requires at a realistic price.

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Our Services:


Marketing Strategy


PPC Advertising

Link building

Content writing

Video Design

Logo Design

Social Media Management 

Web Development


It doesn't matter what your business is with the right equipment and software you can run a business just like anyone else.  With the right mentor and courses to teach you the skills needed to run a business you can compete with everyone else.  The Internet is the great equalizer when it comes to the job market. 

People with disabilities often find it difficult to raise money to start and build a business, therefore, our goal is to raise the funds to provide seed money for startups.